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About Our Bakery

Pastry Lu Bakery was founded by our amazing and passionate leader Luisania (Lu). Lu, like most Americans lost her job during the pandemic and decided that this was the perfect time to pursue her dream and open a bakery of her own. She began by practicing her recipes at her sister's restaurant, Halo Bistro in NYC, and everyone loved them!

The idea behind the bakery was to have a Dessert Bistro where people can come and sit down to eat their desserts and maybe have a shot of espresso or a cup of coffee. You are able to taste Lu's Dominican roots in every dish. Metuchen is a great reminder of Lu's home of La Vega which is why she fell in love with this place. Everyone has been so loving and welcoming that we feel right at home! We look forward to having you stop by for a taste!

Our Products

We wouldn't call ourselves a Dominican Bakery, more so a pastry shop with a strong Dominican influence. Our dishes range from croissants to our signature dish of Tres Leches with a little bit of everything in between. Lu studied at the French Culinary Institute in New York and had a mentor who shaped the baker that she is. Annerys Polanco, Lu's mentor, is a well-known pastry chef in La Vega and owns the shop Mil Hojas. This was the first Bakery that Lu ever worked at and had a huge influence on the dishes that we have in our shop today. Lu also worked in many different local restaurants such as Pairings in Cranford, Uproot in Warren, and Salted Lime in Somerville. All of this has helped Lu find her distinguished style of baking.

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